Our Strava Club

If you are a Strava user this might be fun. If you are not, go to www.strava.com and create an account. And for those who don’t know what strava is, it is a GPS cycling and running app that can be used with your iPhone, Android, Garmin device, etc… It tracks your routes, millage, time, elevation, segments, of your activity. I made our Bettie group a closed group (invite only), so we don’t get any weirdos (or boys) joining us. I am not 100% positive how this works but I think you can request to be a part of the group and then I will approve it smile emoticon Let’s see… I am thinking we might add a few of our own little strava challenges this summer…….specific rides, millage, riding somewhere new, doing something that scares you (my favorite quote), or something of the sort. Here is the link…join me https://www.strava.com/clubs/bikingbetties