About The Betties

We are ladies in the Inland Northwest who LOVE to mountain bike. Founded by Jaime Rees and Penny Schwyn  in 2014, our goal is to get  more ladies out rocking the trail on their mountain bikes.

We offer no-drop  women’s only rides throughout the season, at a variety of locations and for different levels of riders. Our goal is to make sure our riders have fun, make friends, learn new trails and connect with other like-minded riders.

Our Google Calendar is where all our rides are listed.  We ride weekly, and have a different trail location each month. Please read the ride descriptions as some rides are easier, and some are more  advanced.  All of our rides are no-drop.  We also keep track of clinics, races, and other regional bike events on the calendar.

Our Facebook group, Biking Betties of the Inland NW  is where all the action is. Please join us.

Questions? Shoot us an email  and we’ll do our best to get right back to you.



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